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A madman has escaped from a high security prison and now he's on the loose. He's also got himself a crew and a warship, and built a planet killing laser that threatens countless worlds. It's up to the player characters to find a way to stop him!

Under Broken Moons has a light hearted sci fi adventure vibe, much in the vein of the adventures of Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers. 

Under Broken Moonsalthough easy to convert to any system you might want, was designed for Risus: The Anything RPG (by S. John Ross). It's a pretty cool free rpg that you can find out all about at www.RisusRPG.com if you're interested. Or check out www.risusiverse.com.

The title, Under Broken Moons, was generated using the Random Adventure Title Generator by Chris Bissette.

The maps were made using Dungeon Scrawl

Under Broken Moons was created for the TTRPG one-shot - 2022 SUMMER EDITION #oneshot2022jam


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